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How Dental Practice Benefits?

we will help to launch your projects on time, with no pain. Create your awesome website with The Web Clinic now.

Increase in Patient Flow

We believe that the best way to find more patients is to make sure that patients can find you. Enquire with our medical experts on ways to achieve this.

Affordable Custom Designed Website

Enquire with our medical website design experts on the various different types of solution packages we have. We will ensure that we deliver the perfect online medical design website within your budget.

Easy Accessibility

Our medical marketing strategies focus on converting customers into new patient leads. Let us take the lead and provide the perfect medical website design and practice focusing on what matters most.


An existing or new website

Are you a medical practice that wants to be reachable via the world wide web striving to attract existing and or new clients. At The Web Clinic we offer a range of different services that may assist you in achieving your medical practice goals either by improving your existing website or creating one from scratch.


Web Maintenance 

As you would know the internet is constantly changing and evolving. At The Web Clinic our knowledge and experience with website support is extensive. Our team expertise in not just developing your new website; however provide recurring solutions such as on-going daily support. These support solutions are provided so that we can help you enhance and protect your website’s experience overtime keeping you with the innovations of the internet and world wide web. Enquire now and speak to one of our medical web design experts.


Customised online patient booking platform

Integrate Customised online patient booking platform that is easily accessible to your online patients via your website. With the advancement and innovation of technology your online booking system can be accessed simply with a click of a button. Direct your online patients to book a appointment at their convenience.
This scheduling solution may be beneficial to you as a practitioner and or your practice as a whole as it will reduce no shows, increase patient satisfaction as it is flexible, cost efficient- saving you on costs of administrative documentation and work . As well as provides the ability to monitor and manage all records electronically. The customised online patient booking platform will so maximise utilisation of your medical personnel and resources through means of scheduling online. Which is also available to all your patients 24/7 regardless of what hour in the day/night. Contact our team for ways to implement this onto your new website.

Mobile Responsive

Having a medical web design website that is responsive simply involves the ability of developing a website that is adaptable to the size of the visitor’s view ports. For example if a patient is utilising a mobile device or tablet; the ability for your website needs to adapt to that device size allowing the patient to view your website on any device possible.

Regardless of the screen size and or device our team will ensure that they have an optimal experience no matter how they access your medical web design website. The advantages to your practice of having a responsive medical web design is that your website loads quickly without any distortions. We make two edits- one medical web design for your PC users and one medical web design for your mobile/tablet users. Enquire now for our past work and a demonstration of web design responsiveness now.


Our strategy to delivering the
perfect online medical practice

The importance of choosing a web design and development team that focus just on doctors and the medical industry is cruical. As choosing just a generic web design team ideally does not focus on your needs as a doctor and ways to generate clicks from customers and turning them into potential patients. Medical Web Design is our focus and The Web Clinic Team strive to make every clients website the best possible gauranteed.

In saying this; The Web Clinic believe that a successful online practice needs to incorporate two ( 2) fundamental factors in order to achieve this outcome.

Does it capture your practice brand and or doctors name?

It is essential that your online practice has a web design and structure that reflects your practice or practices philosophy, missions, values and brand image.

For example is you as a practitioner or your practice as a whole reflect a welcoming, family and well being friendly orientation? Therefore your website design and structure should be a reflection of that.  To ensure that this aspect is delivered to your patients online; ensure that you select the right bunch of team of designers and developers that can capture your ideas, insights and needs. Then deliver it to your online patients by developing this custom designed websites to life.

If you are unsure of what your needs, requirements or insights are! That is fine enquire now and one of our medical web design experts will contact you and ensure that your website needs are met. We will come to you or book an over the phone an appointment what ever works around your availability and we will discuss alternative solutions and present past work that will assist you in having the perfect practice online.

Is your medical web design/website responsive & targets all your online patients?

Another essential that your medical website or online practice should have is the capability to be desktop, tablet and mobile responsive. As you would know today ; there has been a rapid increase in use of technology such as tablets, mobile phones and other innovative technologies. Therefore, the access of the internet can be made practically anywhere around the world; simply with a click of a button.

An important feature for your website is being mobile and tablet responsive. Many websites that are found on the internet are not mobile or tablet responsive. At The Web Clinic our medical web design and development experts specialise in this aspect of web development. Therefore, it is crucial that your medical website design and structure is reflective to your patients on any device. Whether that involves your online patients utilising a PC or desktop or simply viewing your medical website via their mobile or tablet. At The Web Clinic we make two website design versions; one for desktop and one easy to use for mobile and or tablet devices.

Contact our team of web design experts to ensure that you have the perfect medical website design and structure that is accessible on any device around the world.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The sky is the limit with what our web design and web development team can customises and create the features your business needs, our team will always over impress you with the final result and strategy put in to the features.
    This time frame varies based on the size of the project and the responsiveness of information for you; We can however work to to your requirements and deliver a professional, easy to use and modern website close as possible to your dead lines.
    We are in consistent communication with you the client during the design & development phase we want to ensure that your practice is well informed on the progress of your website build. We will be committed to communicating to you if we have found better ways to approach your design and provide you reasoning. What our customer have enjoyed is our reliability and delivery, we are a well established company that has a team of professionals that will ensure that our clients are informed during development and impressed and happy upon final delivery.
    Yes we know google’s requirements and minimum standards and are committed to providing you a website that will allow you to rank when you invest into organic SEO activities as well as paid Adwords strategy, we will always look to design your website to achieve your current and future marketing goals.
    Yes we will design  your website to be responsive and adapt to Mobiles and tablet devices allowing patients/clients to find you easier on multiple devices. this is important as most searches today are found by a mobile or tablet device.
    We are apart of a larger group of companies that provide technology services to the medical and dental practices, most of our staff have worked previously in medical practices directly or in directly, we understand the patient psychology and what they look for when they visit practices sites.  our expertise will help you be ahead of your competitors, be presented correctly to patients and allow the visitor to enjoy your website and achieve the ultimate goal to become your patient.
    With our “Pioneer Practice” package our strategists will look at all the competitors in the geographic region as well as the competitors of services provided and will create a strategy for your website to operate better, look more inviting, easier to use for patients and visitors to your website and allow you to be ahead of the rest. Our strategists and web designers will ensure you are ahead of the curve against your competitors and most importantly allow the visitors to become patients of our practice.